EKE has more than 50 years of experience in developing, managing and owning different types of buildings – office and industrial buildings, hotels and water parks, commercial and special purpose real estate.

EKE is financially able and flexible at the same time. We have a respectful approach towards real estate and we take care of our property as if it were our home. All of our clients know that. This ties together old experience and new innovative ideas. We are conservative and innovative at the same time.


We develop outstanding business real estate buildings, but primarily lasting and good relationships. For us, a client is not merely a rental contract or an Excel row, instead, we help our clients overcome difficult times, often meeting them half way when nobody else would.

We have built mutual trust with our clients and partners. We react quickly to identifying and solving problems. We deal with developing the most efficient solutions in order to minimise additional costs for the client on a daily basis.

During the recent years we have been developing and creating new business premises in the total amount of approximately 40,000 m2, at the same time we have rebuilt or improved the quality for approximately 10,000 m2 of property.


EKE is involved in large-scale projects, but we also cooperate for smaller ones. EKE is one of the most valued developers and a reliable partner. Our reputation is impeccable in the financial world as well as among our partners.

Contemporary and thought-through technical solutions, young, but experienced team makes everyone’s life more comfortable, helps saving nature and keeps the client’s costs in check. Our aim is to create high quality, lasting, dignified and outstanding real estate and long-lasting and good relationships with our clients. Our satisfied clients and partners speak for us.

Innovation, the right energy and strong experience attracts innovative companies with permanent values, who know how to appreciate the importance of location and quality of service. Be sure to contact us and we might have a common bright future.

Contact us and we may have a bright future together.